Grunge Fashion Flowers

Summer 2016: What if flowers were fashion styled?

This was the idea I’d been pondering for a while – wondering what a Marni or Comme des Garçons flower might look like. I chose Marc Jacobs AW16 collection, because I’d watched the runway show – and it was one of my favourites of the season.

After studying the colours, textures, forms and general mood of the collection, I imagined how these might take form as flowers. Petals were sculpted in off-white crochet and pink crocodile skin, long droopy petals echoed the oversized sweatshirts and the patent leathers were applied to the stripey long-limbed flower bodies.

To evoke the sexy grungy vibe of the show, I built an austere minimalist and slightly luxuriant boudoir setting, and animated the flowers to make them moody and provocative.

My first music choice was a Dandy Warhols track but then to avoid any copyright issues I switched to use sounds I’d recently recorded at a dance performance in the marble hall of the British Museum.