Age of Entitlement

In this Age of Entitlement, the millennial mindset spreads like ivy into the phones, streams and dreams of the connected world. Attitude shifts to an open-hearted tolerance of the multiverse system that presents infinite perspectives, truths and possibilities.

Elysian landscapes as new new age psychedelic visions.  A trippy throw back to the flower powered hippie movement when people sought and presented their authentic selves. Joyous in reverie and emboldened by a self-delusion that dreams the life.

LS528’s Flowerheads feature as happy-go-lucky dancers and dreamers in an acid high-frequency colour popping palette, to reflect the good vibes and summon an early Spring to the Shoreditch streets.

#Entitled was a huge outdoor print and installation in London’s Shoreditch with an Augmented Reality feature to bring the digital painting to life and into a hyper reality.